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How To Grow Thyme



THYME (Thymus vulgaris)

There are about 350 different species of thyme, in many scents and flavors. The tiny pink, lavender, or white tubular flowers of thyme plants show up in the spring and summer and are well-liked by bees. The tiny leaves remain evergreen, throughout the year.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Soil: Loamy, well drained Soil

Propagate plants by division or cuttings. The herb may be grown from seed, but seeds are often hard to establish and the different varieties cross-pollinate and hybridize, so it may not grow true from seed. Young thyme plants are widely available to buy in garden centres and nurseries, so it’s best to plant these, instead.

If trying to cover a large area, space new plants about 6 inches apart to form a cover. Originally from the Mediterranean, thyme thrives in well-drained soil that’s low in nutrients. Planting it in full sun brings the essential oils to the surface of the leaves and gives it great flavour. Cut back thyme after flowering and protect tender species in winter.


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