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What Is Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

By Nonjabulo Ngema


Numerous negative impacts on both mental and physical health are linked to traumatic exposure. One mind-body method that has had a good effect on lessening the physical and emotional impact of trauma is trauma-sensitive yoga. Trauma-sensitive yoga can lessen many of the symptoms of traumatic stress through gentle breath and movement.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a form of yoga as therapy, adapted from postural yoga. It was developed at the Justice Resource Institute's Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 2003 by Co-Founders David Emerson and Jenn Turner. Trauma-sensitive yoga is used as an adjunct therapy to other evidence-based treatments (e.g., psychotherapy, medication) for Complex Trauma.

According to David Emerson Complex Trauma is trauma that is experienced in a relationship context over a period of time. For example people who are trapped in long-term abusive relationships, domestic violence, refugees or prisoners of war.

"In long-term trauma situations people lose agency over their bodies in a number of ways. Trauma-sensitive yoga offers survivors the opportunity to explore empowerment and choice over their body" says Jenn Turner

Co-founders David Emerson and Jenn Turner share valuable insights in their video 'What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga'.



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