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5 Spiritual Self-Care Practices




Spirituality has different meanings for different people, often influenced by the ideologies you grew up with. Maybe you associate spirituality with religion or cultural traditions. Perhaps your concept of spirituality is experienced in nature. It could be through art, music, and dance. Your spirituality is deeply personal. Ultimately, it can be anything that is meaningful and kindles a sense of sacredness, even if only felt by you.

A practice in spiritual self-care quiets the mind and helps to calm the turbulence within, leaving space to begin feeling and honoring what your heart yearns for, and having the courage to take the necessary action for good change. When you are truly happy and thriving you will know it at your core.

This aspect of self-care can assist in feelings of connectedness, oneness, and universality, helping diminish feelings of isolation and loneliness. Studies have shown how cultivating a spiritual life can have numerous health benefits and can deepen your relationship with your self and help you to experience more peace.

Spiritual self-care might be achieved through the following practices. Explore what works best for you.

1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the easiest, most available spiritual practices. It may take a little time to get started, but once you begin its hard to imagine life without it.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a practice that originated in India. The intention behind yoga is to balance your body, mind, and spirit to co-exist in harmony. The practice of yoga helps you connect with your body and emotions stored deep within. Yoga encourages non-judgement and acceptance that you are building a strong platform for a more empowering life.

3. Inspirational Media

This one practice can make a huge difference on your outlook on life. The type and content of media that you are exposed to on a daily basis - it’s not all positive and can make it difficult to feel inspired or uplifted. Make it a point to read or view material that inspires you.

4. Spending time in solitude in nature

Being in nature heals and make your senses come alive. Take time as often as you can to spend time in nature, even if it’s just a few minutes sitting by a tree basking in the Sun or looking at the ocean.

5. Connect with People

Humans are communal by nature. Connection, laughter, sharing ideas, emotional support are some of what you can experience through connecting with people. If you don’t have these connections already, try to step out of your comfort zone and find some. Volunteer, attend religious or cultural gatherings, host groups of your own, join a book club, or attend a game night. Find people that share the same interest and create meaningful connections.



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