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Practice Gratitude to Nurture Self-Care



There are numerous scientifically proven benefits to being grateful and practising gratitude on a regular basis - it can open the door to new relationships, boost physical and psychological health, reduce anxiety and improve sleep, just to name a few.

Here are 4 practices to re-wire the brain for increasingly more positive thoughts and feelings:

1. Build a Gratitude Focus

Think of something you are grateful for. Consider how grateful you feel for having hot water for your morning shower, or having a good warm drink to start your day, or warm bed to sleep in. You might be grateful for having a job, for the supportive family and friends. Whatever it is, take a few moments to reflect with that feeling of gratefulness.

2. Create a Gratitude Mantra

When you're having a perfect moment acknowledge how grateful you feel for having that moment. It could be spenidng quality time with your family and friends. The mantra can be as simple as "I am grateful.” Use it to help you get grounded in the present and experience a little gratitude.

3. Create a Gratefulness Trigger

In general triggers grab our attention and direct our mind to focus on it - when you hear the doorbell you check who's there, if your phone rings or buzzes you pick it up. In the same way find a daily activity that you can use as a trigger to practice gratefulness. E.g. When you take a bath use it as a cue for you to think of one thing you’re grateful for.

Gratitude practice is not just a form of self-care. Taking charge of our thoughts can shift feelings in a positive direction and improve our attitude and behaviour.


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