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Dan Barber leading a Revolutionary Way of Delicious and Ethical eating



Dan Barber is one of the leading voices for increased sustainability in restaurants. He believes restaurants can increase efficiency, cut down on food waste and improve taste, by growing their own ingredients, a movement called “farm-to-table.”

Dan Barber started out as the Chef of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns located in Manhattan’s West Village within the nonprofit farm and education center, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. Barber emphasizes the importance of pleasure and thoughtful conservation, knowing the source of the food on your plate, and the process of how your food got there. He evangelizes agricultural policies to push forth more a model of environmental responsibility.

Dan's book, The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food, explores the world of food beyond “farm-to-table” to propose a revolutionary way of delicious and ethical eating. His mission is to educate and push Americans toward a future of food that is as sustainable as it is delicious.


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