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Create Your Yoga Space at Home



The moment you step inside a yoga studio you feel a sense of calm . Maybe it’s the insense or the calming music greeting you at the entrance. Or maybe it's the minimilistic room design when it comes to creating a space for spiritual awakening.

It is possible to create the same space at home for spiritual practice. Whether you are working with a small space in living room or bedroom space or a large room in your house set your intention for the area and take a minimilistice approach to decorating.

Placing your mat in front of a window facing the east - if you do practice in the morning you experience the Sun's brialliance and energy and stay connected with nature. Leave the rest of the space empty free of distractions or create an altar to anchor your eye as well as your mind and soften the area with a meditation pillow, a single candle and statue of a deity. Give the room all the tools that will serve you for your spiritual practice - yoga and meditation

1. De-clutter. Only include items that are serve you for your spiritual practice. This will instantly remove distractions, turning your room into a blank canvas.

2. Choose Neutral Colors.

Neutral, cooler tones or warm whites and use non-toxic paint. Yoga cultivates both mental and physical health, so by choosing eco-friendly products, you can feel good about nurturing the environment and protecting your body from harmful substances.

3. Set the Mood with lighting. Lighting has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. If possible, install dimmer switches on overhead lights. Choose lightweight drapes with organic fibre like cotton to help with light filtering and privacy, as well as adding softness to a space."

4. Create a Calming mood. Use unscented candles, organic insense and soft spiritual music to create a welcoming feeling to the space. The room insense or music should not overpower your senses which could create a distraction during practice. If you choose to have an Altar it can be a simple small shelf where you can place a candle and statue to represent your intention

5. Decorating and Storage. An antique trunk or chest to house your yoga mats, cushions and blankets. Keep an eye out for interesting wall art and Lushous indoor plants and keep it simple and natural.


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