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Experience a Safari From Your Home With Virtual Day trips

Written By Kalay Chetty


It will take much more than the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent me from seeing my favourite places in the world. As a kid I would spend hours in the school library reading about destinations around the world - my favourites were Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, India and its diverse culture, Paris, Spain, Morocco, China, New York, the Swiss Alps, Amazon and Africa Safari adventures - I could easily read these books over and over again - it was my escape to a world filled with adventure.

I am grateful to have traveled to all the fabulous places that I once dreamt of as a child. Just as reading, transported me to amazing destinations, fabulous virtual adventures await you. With our specially curated Virtual Trips you can sit back and venture to Africa, climb aboard an amazing aircraft, watch a concert, and more, all from your own home! Get ready for a Safari! The team at andBeyond is Bringing Africa Home through fun and exciting virtual experiences. Click on the link above to discover short wildlife videos from their lodges. These are sure to amaze you and it's great for kids and adults.


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